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How to win a poker tournament

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How to win a poker tournament

Post by worldclass on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:05 pm

I read this today and whilst some of this brief guide (well bullet points really) may well be obvious its always good to keep a note and remind ourselves from time to time when things get rough or you get frustrated.

How to win a poker tournament:

You must run good:
-: Getting paid with your big hands.
-: Winning your coinflips
-: Avoid getting coolered for all your chips.

You usually need to get lucky:
-: When you semi-bluff with a big draw, your opponent needs to fold or you need to make your hand.
-: You will probably need to suckout at least once for most if not all of your chips.

You must play good:
-: Being aware of stack sizes.
-: making good preflop and postflop decisions.
-: you have to pick your spots well (know thy image)

You need to play for the win:
-: Getting aggressive when your opponents tighten up (money bubble, final table bubble, etc)
-: You have to play well shorthanded when the big money is on the line.
-: You need to understand Independent Chip Model and when to gamble.


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Re: How to win a poker tournament

Post by FullTiltOwns123 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 7:46 pm

Nice post! I agree with every single step written there. Wink

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