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insecure in poker?

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insecure in poker?

Post by worldclass on Mon Mar 01, 2010 5:38 pm

Overanalyzing is my biggest flaw. Sometimes it just doesn't go as deep as I invent. I make "it" a bigger deal than it is. I give the situation more credit than it deserves. Sometimes I give people more credit than they deserve. I should give genius credit to geniuses and idiot credit to idiots. Is that fair? I don't know.

I've learned that in the world of Poker I should not "type cast" any player because that's exactly what he wants me to do. He wants me to think he's an idiot player because he wants to trick me out of all my cash.

I'm Overanalyzing again. I don't know, he didn't call and it's making me insecure. Insecurity, in my opinion is one of the most paralyzing emotions. Who cares? So he didn't call, I didn't like him that much anyway. Maybe, I should call him, no he's the "man" he should call me. Equal does not mean the same.

Overanalyzing while playing poker will drive you nuts. Should I have played it this way? Should I have played it that way? We need to assess and move on, just as in life. When we re-live life's bad episodes, we feel all the negative emotions, all over again. It was bad enough the first time. Let it go. Let's let it go together.

A man traveled many miles in search of the Great Buddha. When he found him, he insulted him and called him a phony. The man went on and on criticizing Buddha. Finally, when he finished Buddha said "Can I ask you a question?" The man angrily said "yes." Buddha then said "if someone gives you a gift and you do not accept it, who then does the gift, belong to?" The man condescendingly said "the one who gave the gift." Buddha then graciously said "so if I do not accept your insults and criticism, who then do they belong to?" The man walked away in shame.


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Re: insecure in poker?

Post by craigy bell on Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:37 pm

i would say you nedd to be paranoid sometimes as it helps you to not get yourself into sticky situations. But on the other hand it can put you of from betting a winning hand.
craigy bell

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