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9/11 terrorists or goverment

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9/11 terrorists or goverment

I've been doing a bit of research lately for a paper im doing on the war in iraq. And the influence the twin towers had on it. Before i go on i must state ive never really believed that the American goverment could pull such a thing off and not be found out. But the more research i've done on it the more im actually starting to believe that they could. Ive never been one for worrying about the masons/illuminati, new world order. But the more i hear the more i worry. Anyway as most of the members from here are on that side of the pond i'd love to hear what you all think about this. Was the towers an inside job for reasons to go to war. I have a paper im working on at the moment called. The reasons we went to war right or wrong. I would imagine u guys in America will have more info on this than me. So i'd really appreciate all views on the matter. And hopefully together you can all help me achieve my goal of an A+.

If anyone would like to disclose information but don't feel comfortable leaving your name beside it please feel free to pm me.
craigy bell

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9/11 terrorists or goverment :: Comments

Post on Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:53 am by arrytus

I suppose you are speaking of all the internet theories regarding the fact that never in the history of the world has a fire felled a skycraper, or the fact that jet fuel and office supplies cannot burn at a high enough temperature to cause the molten steel which was seen dripping from the offices; the fact that plumes of smoke were ejected from lower stories prior to the collapse which fell at almost freefall velocity seemingly and looked as if thermite and demolition jobs had been undertaken? The pictures of the bulges under the planes which looked like bombs? The fact that the building seemed to disintegrate and not fall to one side as would happen if the steel merely exercised its tensility under the pressure and heat?

While those are convincing theories they neglect one fact: the magnitude of such a conspiracy. Is it more believable that thousands of surreptitious agents pulled off such momentous event AND kept their silence? Richard Nixon couldn't keep a dozen guys quiet about watergate or Cambodia. Clinton couldn't keep three chicks quiet about giving him head. Are we really going to go against Okham's razor and proclaim a cabal of american agents wired the buildings with thousands of pounds of explosives without a single person noticing in a building which get 50 thousand people traveling through it everyday? Would we rather believe that the leaders of our country could be so callous to spend twenty thousand lives to merely get bigger paychecks to their friends in the private sector? [Of course belief means nothing if it were true.]

I love physics and believe me I spent months pouring over the physical data from 9/11. I talked to the engineers I knew, I studied tapes and equations. And while I do not agree 100% with there conclusions I am less inclined to believe it to be a massive conspiracy than simply the fact that my understanding of physics is not commensurate with the gestalt intricacy of the tragedy.

What we imagine to be anomalies are just as likely this: no one has ever seen something on such a scale and that fact is that all the variables cannot be retested to be empirically verified [or no one is willing to spend the money but how to rebuild even a model of such intricacy and fly a plane into it with the same properties of the original? or the winds at 2500 feet entering the the cubicles and the over-compensating counterweights?].

There is however one point on which I would agree. WTC building 7 was definitely in my mind 'pulled'/detonated remotely.

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Post on Sat Aug 21, 2010 3:02 am by nancy221

such big words...

must resort to snopes LMAO

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Post on Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:57 am by craigy bell

each to there own but yeah nice reply arrtyts

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Post on Tue Sep 28, 2010 8:28 pm by GimmeABrewski


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Post on Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:57 am by craigy bell

Im not saying anyone done it gimme. im asking for peoples opinion on it. I live in the uk so i only really have the internet to look over and believe me everytime u type it in. It comes up with conspiracy this and that. I kind of agree with arrytus that how could they keep such a thing quite. But then on the other hand u see things like the terrorist passport was found. How come steel,concrete and human bones were disintagrated (God rest there souls) but yet a passport is found intact. Anyway as i said i live in the uk and i posted this to get a reaction from the people who live in the states and there opinions on it. I could sit here all day going over this and that. But 1 fact remains to big an operation to keep quite.

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