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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200

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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200 - Page 2 Empty 2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200

Hello all,

this is one of my rare serious thread, maybe actually the first serious one. It will be a poker goal for live poker NL200.

I will try to reach $20k profits by the end of the year playing this limit.

I have been playing it since I turned 18 and made a few ks with not much volume.

My goal is $20k profits, but will prolly aim for the $50k profits, because when I reach $20k profits, I will play the NL500.

I think it's a pretty doable challenge and I invite you to follow me on my road to success.

I will post every session I will play with maybe some hands.

All promos and jackpots will be added into the goal.

So I could just win the bad beat jackpot and my goal would be done Very Happy

Wish me luck!

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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200 :: Comments


Post Sat Feb 11, 2012 5:38 pm by nancy221

maybe going w a friend has been good luck...

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Post Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:52 am by Boss

ha i've played few sessions along and always always been up, I just don't like going alone and think of myself as a degen which I am so there's no reason to not go alone.

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Post Sun Feb 12, 2012 3:03 pm by Samango

nice post - glad to see the roll increasing Very Happy

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Post Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:30 am by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $1560
Ending Bankroll: $1641

Up $81 in a short session because lol friend lost again.

I lost like $350 in the first 15min in some missed bluff and hero call fail.

Came back with 56 suited, doubled up on flop 5 6 10.
Then K5cc vs probably Ax i hit flush was actually a huge pot had a tilty image so I could get paid with almost anything.

Then against the same guy I hero called $80 on river with 8 5, had a pair of 8 lol

Made few bluffs that went in and finished up $81.


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Post Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:25 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $1641
Ending Bankroll: $1898

Played 2 sessions..

First one was tilty was up $400 then I was about to leave because the table was about to break, but that one donkey come on our table forcing me to stay rivers me str8 and stuff so ended up up $112 after losing $100 with KK on last hand to J8 -.-

2nd session was quick finished class so went there in the afternoon lol was so soft made $145 without having any monsters really.. mix of c-bets, bluffs, and showdown win.

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Post Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:29 am by nancy221

Feb 14, 2012
hero called ~ plz expln Surprised
Today at 2:25
donkey .. forcing me
UGH Mad Crying or Very sad
?? Question ?? plz expln again lol
showdown win

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Post Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:14 pm by Boss

hero call: Means when someone bets on the river and you don't have a really good hand and you think he is on a bluff and you call like a hero saving the princess from the bowser castle.

continuation bet (c-bet): When you bet preflop and bet the flop regardless of the flop so you simply continue to bet.

late c-bet: When you bet preflop and the flop is checked around. On the turn, you decide to bet = late c-bet.

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Post Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:24 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $1898
Ending Bankroll: $2214

Went yesterday, good short session. Went with my friend to play 1h30-2h.

Up $316

I win first hand I flop top pair, turn trips lol bout $50 pot.
I win 3rd hand with AJ, I bet $8 few callers flop A A 9 lol I was like finally some run good, I check donkey puts in $22, I act like i'm fucked and call. Turn 9 mbn.. I check he bets $50 I call.. River 6 I check again acting like I missed life.. He fires $100 I snap call thinking we splitting.. He says you're good.. He mucked.

Then I got a heater against same donkey as with AJ.
All these hands are in a row:

JJ flop quads not a good pot
J8s flop top pair holds
AK flop TPTK, I turn nut flush draw he bets $100 river bricks we check check I win.
AA semi good pot vs tight player

2 hands gap

AKc donkey bets $8, tight guy puts in $25 (he has $75), I min raise $50 (I knew tight guy would shove so I could shove on top and sandwich the donkey), donkey calls, tight guy shoves, I shove on top $300 lol donkey almost called with a low pocket but folds.

AKc vs 99 flop AKQ rest bricked I win.

Few hands later I get A5hh flop A 7h xh lost $350 pot to donkey he had pocket 7 I bricked my flush.

Few hands later I get KK, ran into AA lol

Then no more hands.

Lotsa action for such short time lol

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Post Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:33 am by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $2214
Ending Bankroll: $2733

Last day of the 4-day straight run. Had to go to a school meeting and the school at 5min from casino so was commited.

Played for 2 hours.. profited $519.

I literally had no respect today and was hitting pretty good so = $$$

That is my best poker session at the casino and it was in such short time lol

Flopped nut straight with J 10 (9 to K) got paid my $125 left by AK.

Switched table, on the 2nd hand I get 55, I make it $10 and get few 2 callers. Flop comes 5 J Q all heart. I bet $15 both calls. Turn 6 blank. I bet $40 one call. River J. Guy leads $35 and has about $80 or something behind I shove he snaps with flush lol.

Then I missed my draws (fd + str8 draw) and tried to bluff the river failed.

Next hand I'm on the straddle acting like i'm pissed from last hand. I get A3o, Few callers I make it $19, 2 callers. Flop 2 4 10, all check. turn 5 lol. Guy leads $35, I put in $75 he shoves me I snap he has 22 I hold and win.

That's it.

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Post Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:29 pm by nancy221

on a roll.....
congrats keep it up Smile

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Post Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:40 pm by Boss

Yes Very Happy back like in 2011.. 12 win streak and still going!

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