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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200

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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200 Empty 2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200

Hello all,

this is one of my rare serious thread, maybe actually the first serious one. It will be a poker goal for live poker NL200.

I will try to reach $20k profits by the end of the year playing this limit.

I have been playing it since I turned 18 and made a few ks with not much volume.

My goal is $20k profits, but will prolly aim for the $50k profits, because when I reach $20k profits, I will play the NL500.

I think it's a pretty doable challenge and I invite you to follow me on my road to success.

I will post every session I will play with maybe some hands.

All promos and jackpots will be added into the goal.

So I could just win the bad beat jackpot and my goal would be done Very Happy

Wish me luck!

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2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200 :: Comments


Post Sat Dec 10, 2011 8:54 pm by nancy221


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Post Sat Dec 10, 2011 9:05 pm by FullTiltOwns123

Good luck Boss, tear the felts up.

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Post Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:08 pm by Boss

I'm getting old.. making serious thread grrr


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Post Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:08 am by Samango

Good Luck Boss, Looking forward toi the Hand Analysis

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Post Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:27 am by Boss

I decided to start with a BR of $1k, and reload if needed.

First session 01-6-12:


$80 Freezeout
Starting stack: 18k
Winnings: $0.00

There was about 120 players, busted 112th or something after 30min..


I just lost a half my stack on busted draw with AQ and I was the aggressor.

Blinds: 25/50

Hero bb 9k with pocket 9s
Villain (friend) sb 17k

4 callers including villain
Hero raise 300
MP1 calls
Villain calls

Flop 9 10 5 rainbow

Villain checks
Hero cbet 500
MP1 calls
Villain re-raise to 1750
Hero calls
MP1 folds

Turn 2

Villain checks
Hero raise 3250
Villain shove
Hero calls

River 8

Villain shows straight QJ and will take the taxi on his way back

Cash game:


Bought in for $200 at NL200, played 2 rounds 6-handed and just lost first pot with a raise cbet fold to reraise.

Hero sb $150 with pocket K
Villain bb $200 something

MP raise $7
CO calls
Hero tilt raise $21
BB calls
MP folds
CO calls

Flop Q 7 3 rainbow

Hero cbet $35
BB shoves
CO folds
Hero snap call around $100

Turn A

River blank

Villain shows AKo and wins


I reload $140.
I win KK v JJ on flop 8 5 2
I'm at $325 and with an LAG status. Villain UTG just reloaded after losing to my KK.

Hero sb $325 with QQ
Villain UTG $200
Villain II bb $52

UTG raise to $12
1 call
Hero calls (shoulda 3bet?)
BB shoves $52
UTG calls
Hero calls (shoulda shove?)

Flop A J 2

Hero checks
UTG checks

Turn 6

Hero checks
UTG raise $35
Hero folds

River 3

UTG shows 66 and wins the pot
BB shows AK

I know I played that hand wrong. It's an easy 3-bet? What if I call BB shove and UTG calls.. I shove there also right? Any inputs I would appreciate.

I'm down to starting stack after losing 2 raise + cbet get reraised and fold the flop with 2nd pair. That is the only 2 hands villain played.

Few hands later, I get AdQd late pos I pop $11 same villain flats from button so is MP.

Flop AxKc3c

MP checks
Hero raise $20 and have about $100 behind
Villain re-raise to $100
MP folds
Hero tank and shoves $123
Hero calls with AK and wins.

Can I find a fold to the re-raise on flop? He been very tight and wins 2 straight pots against me without seeing his hand.

Running bankroll: $580

Rough start. In 2 years, I have never lost more than $300 at the live poker. Few weeks before i've had 10/11 winning sessions so i'm not worried and will blame it on variance.

Back in the days, I would snap quit poker after a session like that. But i've noticed it's just gonna get worse if you think like that and would blow more trying to win it back and totally change your game.
Just go on to the next one and forget about past sessions.

I'm looking forward to next session, play my A-game and crush.

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Post Sat Jan 07, 2012 10:29 am by Samango

Tourney 1, good play bad result, you got it in well ahead

Cash game same, except I can't imagine what he thinks he's beating, they are bad
Cash Hand 2 I agree to re-raise (esp if they think you're laggy) and re-shove to BB shove-UTG call. Effective stack is not much more and there's always the chance to isolate. As it happens UTG calling a re-shove would have been the best result, but even if he had folded, at least he couldn't have pushed you off, so you get to see the river.

Last hand I'm assuming MP had contributed before your raise (cos he's still in) so hard to tell what $11 raise is but the AK flatted on the river is well disguised. His post-flop re-raise could easily be weaker Ax if he already thinks he can push you off a hand or thinks you are betting light. I don't see you getting away from that

Yeah I think these hands mostly come down to variance and you'd be happy to get it in ahead so often when they hold
You say you will re-load if necessary but I think you have to be very clear about what you're total BR is, (not to us, to yourself) which doesn't include any living money or money need for college, so that you can be sure you're practising good BRM. 5 buy-ins is fine if you can afford to re-load 10 times and can afford to lose it all in the worst case. If not I would seriously advise moving down and building it up first

(ps if you post several hands, number them for easy replies Wink )

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Post Sun Jan 08, 2012 5:30 pm by Boss

thanks for reply.

I have the money it's not an issue. Just thought from past years that $1k was enough.

You know any programs that I can just enter the hands and position and it gives me a clear HH for live hands?

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Post Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:31 pm by Samango can handle live hands and I think you can get a text/HTML output as well as replay

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Post Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:07 pm by Boss

sick thanks i'll try to upload hands on the spot.

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Post Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:26 am by GimmeABrewski

you have shittier br management then me

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Post Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:02 am by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $580

Cash Game:

I've played 3 hours straight without having any hands and the only hand I get was QQ and flop came AKx 3-way so I folded.
Table been boring many calling stations and 2 aggressors.

I reloaded $140, so I was in for $340.

3rd hour one guy changed place and started to play super LAG, he showed 2 bluffs on the river and was basically raising and cbetting 80% of the time this hour.

I woke up with KJo on small blind and action went like this:

First Hand:

Hero SB $230 something KJo
Villain (Super LAG) BB $400ish

Few callers I decide to take the lead in this pot.
Hero bet $13
Villain re-raise $30
Hero calls (Was thinking about folding but he was super lag)

Flop A Kh xh

Hero check
Villain snap bet $50 (Already had it in his hand so prolly cbetting every flop)
Hero re-raise $117 (Trying to rep AK since I thought he wouldn't have bet that much with AK)
Villain tanks and shove
(Pot is about 300ish at this point)
Hero calls $83 (Knew I was beat at that point but had the odds to call I guess. backdoor fd with Jh and backdoor str8 draw so I called)
Villain shows AQ
Turn x
River K

I took down the 460$ pot.

I usually never do this ever but I felt his line was so weak and had to pull it. Got lucky for the first time.
Second Hand:

Very next hand, Super LAG guy seemed very tilted and it's understandable lol.

Hero OTB $460 9c10c
Villain (Super LAG) SB $130ish

Few callers CO makes it $9
Hero call
Villain re-raise $30
2 callers from MP
Hero call

Flop 10 7d 3d

Villain makes it $50 again
MPs fold
Hero makes it $104 (Put him all-in)
Villain folds

Hero takes down the pot.

That's basically the 2 hands that made my stack go up.

First one:

Should I fold pre? I was a bit tilted and saw two face cards after 3 hours of play. If I call, should I fold to $50 bet on flop?

Second one:

Is that a fold on flop? There was about $120 in pot he bets $50 with 3 players to act.. Is it often just a tilt cbet from villain or he has monster? I was so unsure.

Anyways, the 3 first hours has been painful then miracle appeared. My friend owed me $670 in makeup, I offered him to buy it out for $200 since he was up about $550 something he accepted. I guess him being stuck in MU changed his game so the buyout was the best option. (Don't count toward running br)

Starting BR: $340
Ending BR: $545
Profits: $205

Running BR: $785

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Post Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:03 am by Boss

You want me to have the std 50BIs at a limit in cash game? $10k for NL200 haha f that.

And I got money to reload, which is actually greater than $10k.

I can actually play 2/5 but too pussy, kinda like 2fat.

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Post Wed Jan 11, 2012 5:00 am by Samango

Yeah hand 1 Villain played it very well, lol
If he's very laggy why do want to play a marginal/poor hand OOP against his aggression. Wait for a premium and let him hang himself.

Hand 2. I think it's all down to the read and it looks like your read of tilted was correct so you gotta go with that. WP

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Post Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:52 am by Boss

Hand 1 I really thought I had the best hand and was pushing me around and I was starting to tilt since it's the ''best cards'' i've had. I never ever do those plays guess I read it wrong lol..

Going today, have class in the morning then have a break of 5h30 lol = casino 24min away in subway weee

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Post Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:54 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $785
Ending Bankroll: $695

Played 3 sessions this week.. no hands to share really.. lost like $250 on one of them I hit TPTK twice with AK, they hit both times flush on turn.

Other 2 sessions I been breaking even like $35 and $40 something like that.

Sucks but online I been up like $300 so its all good.

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Post Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:54 pm by nancy221

thumbs up

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Post Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:47 pm by Boss

Yeahh! Top PLO8 player on sharkscope currently 6th!!

2012 Poker Goal | $20k profits NL200 242ah4i

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Post Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:55 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $695
Ending Bankroll: $1 234

Played 2 sessions.

First one was like 5 hour long and finished up $45 and was probably the tiltiest winning session ever.

Had only few spots to bluff, table was actually solid.

The hands I remember was:

Hand 1:

Hero from CO with 10 10 ($200)
Villain BB ($300+) Super aggro postflop, but yet hasn't showed a hand.

Few callers
Hero bets $13
Villain calls
Rest fold

Flop 2 3c 7c

Villain checks
Hero c-bets $18
Villain re-raises to $50
Hero flats (In my head I knew he'd raise 1010+ and would slow play 2,3,7. I was putting him on either 8s or 9s or FD or just a bluff. I thought if i'd shove he'd fold most of the hands so I decided to flat and induce an open shove from his part)

Turn 8

Villain shoves
Hero calls

River Q

Villain mucked
Hero wins $400
Hand 2:

Hero OTB J10o ($350)
Villain 1 MP ($150)
Villain 2 UTG ($200) (same as hand 1)

Few callers
Villain 1 makes it $7
6 callers, including me

Flop J 10d 2d

Checked to Villain 1 who bets $17
Hero re-raises $50
Villain 2 shoves about $200
Villain 1 folds
Hero calls

Villain 2 has 3d 6d lol

Turn diamond
River diamond

I don't have any diamonds he takes the $400 something pot

I just can't understand his shove with that trash fd and about 3 to act after him excluding me. Tilted me lol

Hand 3:

Hero SB 5 5 ($130)
Villain BB ($150)

Few callers
MP1 bets $7
6 callers again including me

Flop 5 4 6

MP2 donk bets $10
MP1 calls
Hero raises $35 (Should've bet more here, no clue why I bet so light)
Villain calls
Rest folds

Turn 3

Hero shoved in the dark $86
Villain calls

Villain has 4 3 and called my about pot bet.
Had to dodge a 2 or a 7 and I scoop it all.

River 7



Then doubled up with AK vs AJ

Then got 3-betted pre I have AK I call
Flop A Q 10
I check he bets $45 I shove he fold.

$245.. up $45.

Yesterday was one of my shortest and the most profitable session.

Up $494 in 2h15 lol

Very first hand:

Hero MP1 KK ($200) (Nearly waited til bb reach me lol)
Villain 1 MP2 ($400)
Villain 2 CO ($150)

Hero bets $10
Villain 1 and Villain 2 calls

Flop K 7h 6h

Hero bets $25
Villain 1 and 2 calls

Turn 8

Hero bets $50
Villain 1 folds
Villain 2 calls

River 10 -.-

Hero shoves
Villain 2 says an unclear fold (asian adult immigrant), so I threw my hand in the muck and gasping air like I was bluffing and after like 15sec he's like NO NO NO I SAID CALL! If I was on a bluff i'd complain but I knew I was good there lol so I just shut my mouth. Dealer let him call and I show my KK and he mucked lolol.

Hand 2:

Hero BB KK ($400)
Villain OTB ($500)

Villain bets $15 (Only 1 caller behind)
Hero 3-bet $45
Villain 4-bet $125
Hero 5-bet shoves
Villain folds

I couldn't put him on AA with his sizing idk I just didn't felt he had it and if so, then I hope I hit lol When he tanked to call my all in I was GTD he had QQ which he had.

Hero MP AK ($500)
Villain 1 CO ($330)
Villain 2 OTB ($80)

Villain 1 bets $7
Villain 2 calls
Hero 3-bets $25
Villain 1 and 2 calls

Flop A Kd Jd

Hero checks
Villain 1 bets $25
Villain 2 calls
Hero min raises
Villain 1 calls
Villain 2 shoves $7 more
Hero and Villain 1 calls

Turn K

Hero checks
Villain 1 checks

River 3

Hero bets $40
Villain 1 calls

Hero wins the $330 pot with his full house
Villain 1 showed Ax

That's it.

Running roll: $1 234 weeeeee profits

Funny fact:

Dealer 1 (a women)
Dealer 2 (a men with long hair)
2 young clueless guys

2 young guys comes in with minimum amount and already whining they ain't getting any hands after 2 hands LOL

Then after hand 3 they switched dealer 1 by dealer 2

After 6 hands and still whining he's like maybe if SHE would give me some hands I could play.

Me between them two hearing all their convo.. says SHE?

Then he looks at the dealer and he's like oh shitt

Obv the dealer heard and everybody was embarassed lol I was rotfl

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Post Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:21 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $1 234
Ending Bankroll: $1 410

My friend calls me at 1 am saying I pick you up let's go to casino. I'm super tired but agreed lol

Played only 1 hour made $176.

No big pots involved, just a mix of bluffs and value bet.

So yeah i'll take $176/hr everytime Very Happy

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Post Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:06 pm by Samango

Nice work Very Happy

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Post Sun Feb 05, 2012 5:46 am by Boss

Made a mistake in my running bankroll.. forgot to update somewhere to add the $80 trny i played while ago.

today went for like an hour with my friend he lost early so we just left.

up $80

Ending Bankroll: $1 410

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Post Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:44 pm by Boss

Starting Bankroll: $1410
Ending Bankroll: $1560

3-hour session,lost my first buyin with top 2 vs bottom set on flop... The table was so angry cause I was betting c-betting most of the hands lol. Was waiting for a spot like hand above to get paid but got setup :/

When the guy wins the hand everybody was like cheering and everything except the guy who won who stayed classy.

I rebought, hoping for a great spot to take their money again. I was staying calm, but played like I was on tilt. Few hands after my rebuy, I straddle, I get AJ, about 4 callers I threw $30, they all like mad and shit and everybody folds.

Then, next orbit I straddle again, I get AK lolol. Few callers again, I pop $35 like it was std for me to raise my straddle, the french guy on my right calls, very mad guy. Flop comes A 10 7 lolll, he checks I splash $50 he snap. Turn 3 he checks again I shove $104 he snap fold and say you have the 3 uh? In a aggressive way.

I could see the table getting more and more frustrated as I stack up chips.

Few minutes later, I get pocket A on the SB and there is a straddle. Calling station from mid position pops $15, I only flat because he only had $80 and didn't want to kill action from straddle (hoping for a 3bet so I can 4bet) he flats :/ Flop comes 10 7 5, I check, hoping for a c-bet from calling station, did not happen :/ Turn K, I was like yes he will late c-bet for sure I check, so the 2 others :/ river 2 I bet $20 and original raiser calls with 99 I win.

Very next hand, I get pocket 9. There is another straddle with few callers I pop $30 OTB, asian tight guy puts in $50 on top, I was about to snap fold knowing his range would be QQ+, but decided to call and set mine. Flop comes Ac 9 9c LOL QUADSSS, he bets $30 in about $180 lol I call hoping he has AA (I was freerolling because bad beat jackpot hand requirement is losing with AAAJJ using both hole cards) turn 3c he checks, I bet $50 he obv calls. river 5c, he checks I shove he folds. He had QQ if he had the Qc he woulda snap call but he didn't :/

My friend is done and I call my last round, I get pocket K few callers I pop $15 and 1 of the butt buddy goes all in $20 lol and the french mad guy calls too, the 2 guys i wanted to hit lol flop 2 3 8 I put in $30 french mad guy folds I ship the pot and KOed the overly happy butt buddy, he was almost crying when I Koed him lol.. When I left the table the mood has totally changed, everybody was faced down sad and tilted lol

up $150 and one of the most interesting table i've played lol it was literally me vs world.

Thats it.

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Post Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:54 pm by nancy221

good poker day ,Eh? Twisted Evil

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Post Sat Feb 11, 2012 4:56 pm by Boss

Could be way better if I pull longer session, should go alone someday.. But ill take the $50/hr salary wage EH YEAH

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