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My recent tournament finish

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My recent tournament finish Empty My recent tournament finish

In one of my more recent big tournaments i placed 16th out of 316 people. it was a $3.30 buyin so i won about 8 bucks. not huge but good enough to be happy with myself. the way i play usually is i try to see as many flops as possible early on when the blinds are low. that way if i take down a couple big pots i can play tight without worrying about not having enough chips at crunch time. and once the bubble burst i raise pretty much everytime preflop and usually people respect me. Thats how i play the majority of the time.

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My recent tournament finish :: Comments


Post Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:15 pm by FullTiltOwns123

Not a big win, but a win is a win! Any ITM finish that is more than you bought in for is good in my opinion. Congrats and good luck building that up into some nice cash!

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Post Sun May 02, 2010 11:38 pm by djkismet

i really like 6 handed cus it is easier to control the table and benefit someone who has a real LAG style. im all about playin tight and letting those guys hash it out until i get big hands or feel good in position w/ a moderate hand. and reraise and i also never open limp and usually re-raise which is why i wait for the bigger hands. hope something caught yer eye and works for ya in the future and good luck. take it down next time!!!

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