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  • 20111120

    Two+Two help me out - im lost in the poker jungle

    by artur11 - Comments: 3 - Views: 639
  • 20101108
    External Links Removed and full text deleted due to copyright infringement

    by amberchen222 - Comments: 1 - Views: 826
  • 20100823

    by arrytus - Comments: 0 - Views: 633
  • 20100105
    First Hour of Freerolls
    So you just started a tourney, you get a lock on the flop and go all in, because of course, you'll have chasers who really couldn't care less if they win or lose,. Now assuming they do not get lucky, which seems to happen alot, you win. Your now sitting on around 3k chips, a few hands later, you get all your chips in the pot in a similar situation, you win. Your now sitting on around 6-7k chips. My question is, how long do you wait to play now, or do you wait at all? Should you wait till the average stack raises up to around half your stack size which normally happen...

    by craigy bell - Comments: 0 - Views: 625
  • 20091224
    Well more news you can use its the new thing called TAGFISH ..worse then being a donk in my books what do you think

    7 ways to tell if your a TAGFISH

    1) You think about your opponent's range but never your own

    Everyone knows you have to try to put your opponent on a range. It's one of the most fundamental skills in poker.

    But a TAGfish doesn't think about his own range in doing so. An opponent is going to play the hand a few different ways according to what he thinks you have.

    You'll never be able to accurately put your opponent on a range...

    by nemesis - Comments: 0 - Views: 670
  • 20091219
    recently in the poker world their have been a few changes to tournment poker as all the tournments directors and others that put these things together are trying to find ways to shorten the length of a tournment. (early antes early blinds etc)fulltilt poker has started adding new games and such to find better ways of shorten games for sure in the last 6months this will change the way most tourny players play their game as more and more ring and cash table players try their luck at big cash tournments for a reasonable buyin hows your game going to change to help improve your game .
    poker is...

    by nemesis - Comments: 4 - Views: 639
  • 20091201
    stupid cards..........

    in poker you never know what you can win or lose, you lose when you
    have AA or win when you have 22 poker, you have to have intuition to play
    the cards you think will pay in the table and play whenever you can,
    because you can not always go with all your chips, you also have to do
    when you play against your opponent and see if you can win a hand, to
    see if we can play, the reality is that cards are stupid and So beware,
    you can earn a lot and can make you lose everything, if you win you
    have to have patience and wait and...

    by craigy bell - Comments: 2 - Views: 644
  • 20090823
    After a little research following my intuition I have learned that the following hands are the best preflop against pocket aces.

    The strongest wired pairs against AA are 88, 77, and 66. In fact the percentages form a parabola in which KK is lower to win than QQ which is lower than JJ, and so on. Of course it helps tremendously if your wired pairs are in seperate suits than the AA.

    But these wired pairs are still bested by suited connectors. 87, 76, 65 suited- of different suit than either ace- are the best hands to hold against AA. They give you a nearly 23% percent chance...

    by arrytus - Comments: 1 - Views: 627
  • 20090820
    I often here people saying, “today is not my day.” What they really mean is that “today is not my (lucky) day.” When I hear that phrase, I always think to myself why did you put yourself in a position to become unlucky. I think the same thing when I hear these phases as well; “better to be lucky, than good”, or my personal favorite, “one time!”

    Now, I agree that poker is a game of both luck AND skill, but I also believe that each player determines how much of poker is skill and how much poker is luck. You lose the ability to control...

    by Admin - Comments: 4 - Views: 720
  • 20090723
    Is playing online poker with play chips a complete waste of time? In a word, Yes*. (We’ll get to the * in a bit). Playing with play chips does absolutely nothing to improve your game. Most people who play using play chips downloaded the “.net” version of the poker software and actually have no idea there is the “.com” version to play for real money. Some poker sites try to set things up so that players get the message that they should download the .com version to get some real money action, but some sites don’t.

    Now keep in mind that these .net...

    by Admin - Comments: 11 - Views: 1267
  • 20090722
    In my last article, I discussed trials and tribulations of not making an online deposit. Now, I’ll discuss the alternative method of starting out on an online poker site. Making a deposit.

    Now I’m sure that you already know that the poker sites want you to make a deposit. In fact, they prefer it. There’s nothing like injecting new money in the their poker cash cow. They entice you will first time deposit freerolls and deposit bonuses. Who can turn away an opportunity to get free money? The best part about making an initial deposit is that you don’t have...

    by Admin - Comments: 6 - Views: 982
  • 20090721
    Deciding whether to deposit on a poker website is something that each and every poker player must think about when they decide to play online. Keep in mind that many people often play on multiple poker sites and depositing on each poker site that a particular person would play could get somewhat costly. I’ll discuss some the pros and cons of depositing and not depositing, and then offer a strategy that I use that has proven successful for me.

    To start things off, lets discuss not making a deposit. I must say that is extremely difficult to start out on a new poker site and freeroll...

    by Admin - Comments: 1 - Views: 1009

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