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Best Poker Websites???

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Best Poker Websites???

Can anyone tell me any of their favourite poker websites?

So far my favourite ones are: -
PKR online How to Use the Best Strategy Chart
In using the chart you always want to keep the most valuable arm, so if you have two possibilities, look at how the hands are evaluated and held her hand with a higher ranking.

For example, say, a starting hand of five cards with which the deal consists of a pair of jacks, a pair of queens and kings. And let's say that one of the nests, one of the queens and kings - all spades. You throw nelopaty jack and queen and a draw to a royal stream with three cards, which is 800 for a payment, or you keep the two couples, who pay only a 2 for 1? You find the answer, according to the chart. We see that two pairs (estimated in # 6) above on the chart than three cards to a royal stream (estimated at # 9), so we keep two pairs and just pull a card (hoping to hit the sold-out).

Note that the "High Card" always means that the slot or above, and "Low Card" always means 10 or below. One immediate thing you should note in this diagram - what if you have a paying hand, has already made (a couple of jacks or better), only the hands of non-payment, which ever would make you throw paying hand, are the four cards to a royal stream or four cards to direct the flow. So, if you have a paying hand, if you do not have four cards to a royal or straight stream, you should not even work hard to look at the chart. Keep paying hand ..

Note that there is no entry for the three high cards irrelevant, except JQK (valued at # 17), yet there is an entrance for two unsuitable high cards (valued at # 18). Therefore, you should never hold three unsuitable high cards, if they do not JQK. Any other three would contain an ace, when you have to throw one, and keep the other two. Therefore, other high cards, but more likely not make a direct, but also have more opportunities to become a couple.

In addition to the above, here are some other quick tips to remember so that you should not have to consult the diagram so often:.

1) If you have one or two high cards (J, Q, K, or A) in your hand, and any other made by hand, or potential value (any couple, and any three cards to a possible direct or downstream), only keep the high card and throw the others.

February) If you have three high cards and no pair and two high cards of the meet, throw it high-end card and draw the two suited cards. Obviously, so they have a fine opportunity to become a royal stream, but you also supports the ability to flow.

3) Always pull a small pair if you do not have four cards to a stream or three cards to a royal stream, in which case you would be hauled to a stream or a royal. Even with four cards to open direct, keep a small pair.

4) Always pull the high pair, even when you have four cards to a straight or stream. High vapor involves a payment, and video poker, a bird in hand is almost always worth more than two in the bush.

5) If you have no high cards, no open straight draw and no four-to-stream, not grasping at the straw. Endure the pain and discard all five of their cards so that you can pull a whole new hand.

June) If you have four to a royal stream, always pull the royals, if it does not mean to break the direct flow. Thus, if you have 9 - 10 - J - Q - K satisfied, keep it. But if you have 8 - 10 - J - Q - K satisfied, throw these 8, even if you throw a hand made thread. It is hard to throw made stream, but if you - this is close to the royals, you should go for it. (In this case, you have 6 birds in the hand, but 800 in the bush!)

We will be adding more video poker strategy for popular casino games online as Deuces Wild and Double Poker Awards soon, so be sure that cross-checked. Playing video poker online is fun, and allows you to use the strategy in your game decisions, which can significantly reduce the house edge in online casino video poker game. See you in the winners circle video poker!

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Best Poker Websites??? :: Comments


Post on Sat Aug 07, 2010 3:59 pm by FullTiltOwns123

Full Tilt is the best. Smile

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Post on Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:39 am by XPOKERCHIC

Fulltilt has more freeroll options than most sites, but the number of players in the freerolls is so large. I would love to find a new poker site with low # of players and has lots of freerolls. Any suggestions? X

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Post on Sat Aug 21, 2010 4:46 pm by Mujahid

fulltiltpoker.com is my personal favorite simply because of its layout, and gameplay expereince. Other online pokersites are dark and sketchy looking.

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