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April 20th...

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April 20th...

So most of us know that Hitler's birthday was on April 20th but did you know that before he was born his mother contemplated abortion but someone talked her out of it before she got to the clinic... So my question to all of BRP is... What do you think the world would be like if Hitler's mother had aborted him? Would there have been a Nazi Germany? Would there have been a Nazi Party? Would the genocide still have happened? I want to know your thoughts on the subject Smile. Now lets hear them!

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April 20th... :: Comments


Post on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:45 am by snug25

the time asked for such a man i suppose (not that i supported him)...
if he didnt do it, some1 else would have..

but perhaps the jews were safer, volkswagen beetles would have never been invented..
things would be a lot different...

growing up i heared it all about hitler... being dutch and living near germany...

i think most people should research better before having any opinion on the matter tho..

and lemme ask you something in return...
Was Hitler a madman...or were the german people just scared followers ?

genocide would still have happened... just by some1 else like goebels...

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Post on Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:56 am by tazer11

I think that Hitler was a great speaker. He gave amazing speeches to the people of Germany who blindly followed when he said that they were the supreme race of the world.

I believe it was more a quest for power over anything. I wrote a research paper over Hitler and Nazi Germany in High School. He was arrested after a small group of their party (the national socialist group i believe is what it was called) tried to overthrow the local government. While he was in jail is where he wrote most of his thoughts in his book 'Mein Kamph' and from their is when it all exploded.

It is a very interesting thing to look into. With the wars and the movements within the country it is a huge part of our world history. The genocide is something we will never forget. Seeing the attempted eradication of a particular race affected the way we believe and how we view society as a whole.

Anyway im curious to hear more responses Very Happy

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Post on Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:20 am by manliquid

He was a great orator, like Obama. Aicko, and a genius at the same time. What a fucked up combo.

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